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Want to save the world? Let's get started.

e-merge partners with mission-driven orgs to utilize the most advanced digital technologies to achieve their goals.  We live at the nexus between big tech & nonprofit sectors.

What We Do

What We Do
Data Optimization & Analysis

Utilizing the most up-to-date Data Scraping techniques

Data Modeling

Constructing unique, strategic models of user data

Digital Fundraising

Cutting-edge solutions for an essential part of modern engagement

Facebook Audience Building

Engage with your users on the Digital Main Street


Designing the right structure for your organization

About Us

e-merge is committed to helping organizations achieve their goals and overcome obstacles by implementing the most advanced data collection and data modeling resources.  We partner with leaders in big data and fin-tech to bring the innovations that have reshaped the global economy to your org.   

Founded by world-renowned innovator and thinker Lewis Ranieri;  we are tasked with the challenge of serving mission-driven organizations by providing them with the most advanced tools to improve people's lives. 

About Us

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