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Sean Loughran

Sean Patrick Loughran Esq. Co-founded e-merge under the periclean principle that "All good things should flow into the boulevard.  e-merge was created with a belief that the tools of the digital economy should be placed in the hands that can do the most good. "  Mr. Loughran currently serves as our Senior Vice President of Business Development.   

Prior to his tenure at e-merge Mr. Loughran has served as legal counsel on two US presidential campaigns (2016, 2020) as well as special counsel on a Senatorial and Congressional Special election ( 2018, 2017).  

Mr. Loughran has an extensive history of advising nonprofit and corporate enterprises on both fundraising, legal and strategic matters.  He is barred in multiple jurisdictions and is admitted to practice law before the US Supreme Court.  He holds a JD from the Emory University School of Law, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts with high latin honors.  He is a frequent guest lecturer at a number of Universities including Harvard Law School in 2016.  

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